Reality Check is heavily influenced by the work of Dr. Wm. Glasser and Dr. Robert Wubbolding. I came across Dr. Glasser’s work through my interest in Quality Management, as promoted by Dr. W. Edwards Deming.

When I learn something useful, my inclination is to ‘splain it to anyone who might find it helpful. I’ve found the optimism inherent in Choice Theory and the practical applications offered by Reality Therapy useful, indeed.

The goal of these Reality Check articles is to inspire hope and offer helpful suggestions for folks who want to live more satisfying lives.That’s a tad lofty, I know.

However, the stated mission of the William Glasser Institute is to teach the world Choice Theory. That’s even loftier.

“Reality Therapy concerns life. It is not a way of analyzing the past. Rather, it concerns the present, the here and now, and the controllable future.” ~ Dr. Robert Wubbolding, in Understanding Reality Therapy: A Metaphorical Approach

While I am Reality Therapy Certified by the William Glasser Institute, these writings are simply my interpretations and extensions of Dr. Glasser’s work. This blog doesn’t necessarily represent the views of the Glasser Institute, nor is it authorized by them. I’m not attempting to be an authority, a faculty member, or anything other than an inspiring commenter.

Dr. Glasser’s two key publications: Choice Theory and Counseling with Choice Theory establish the theory and offer practical applications in the form of case studies. If you want to learn about Choice Theory and Reality Therapy, those are the two books to turn to.

In addition, Dr. Wubbolding’s many books, among them Employee Motivation, Reality Therapy for the 21st Century, and Reality Therapy: A Metaphorical Approach are not only clarifying, but entertaining as well.

You can find information on Choice Theory, Reality Therapy, Lead Management, and the Reality Therapy Certification process at the Glasser Institute websites. In Canada, that’s http://glassercanada.ca  In the US, it’s   www.wglasser.com

We are capable of choosing much of our behaviour. Thus, we can free ourselves from the past, we can choose to learn, to form satisfying relationships, to do quality work, to get along. If we choose to do so, that is.

To your choices!

~ Suuze

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