Reality Check: Any Given Day

For many folks, the New Year triggers self-evaluation. We look back at what went well (or badly) and look forward—perhaps with resolutions—to the year ahead. What will I do differently?

New Year’s resolutions can be effective, but more often than not, enthusiasm fades as we get caught up in our daily lives.

We needn’t wait till next January to try again! Every day is a gift, and any of these given days offers an opportunity to look at our circumstances, and ourselves, with fresh perspective.

On any given day, some people are happy and satisfied; others are dissatisfied and miserable. Some people get good news; others hear bad news. On any given day, children are born, parents die; someone is taken ill; someone is healed.

In our lifetimes, we can expect that each of us will experience days of great happiness and great sadness. Outside of us, there is much that happens over which we have absolutely no control. It can feel as if we don’t have control over what happens inside of us, either.

Any given day is an opportunity to reassess for ourselves what truly is, and is not, within our control.

In some situations, it’s tempting—even comforting—to believe that we have no choice. We can blame circumstances for taking control of our emotions, or blame someone else for controlling our actions.

Yet, any given day, we are the presence in our lives. We have the choice of doing the best we can with our lives, or not bothering. We have the choice to seek out a positive perception, or to go with a discouraged or resentful perception. Even when events seem to be against us, we have the opportunity to look with optimism or to look with anger or worry.

Having been given the gift of being on this earth, any given day can be a fresh start, “I choose to do the best that I can with the circumstances that I have been given.”

Any given day is also a great time to express gratitude, and here is some of mine. Thank you to the many people who choose to approach me and let me know that they read these columns and find them helpful. It’s your comments and feedback that makes writing both a fun and learning experience for me.

Thank you to the folks who participate in the many and varied activities that I do, particularly the adults who choose to be my students and who choose to continue to accept my mentoring. (Yes, you do have a choice!)

Teaching is intertwined with learning, and by giving me the opportunity to both teach you and learn from you, you help me become more effective in the work that I have chosen. My wish for you is that our interactions will help you improve your lives and careers.

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